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Photo & Video Production

Storytelling comes naturally to Kyle and this is conveyed through his unique talent for capturing and editing inspirational video content. Bare Kiwi is particularly renowned for creating travel content but producing educational and instructional content is part of their repertoire too. Experienced and trusted subcontractors assist with production when additional support is required.

An added benefit of working with Bare Kiwi is clients have the opportunity to leverage Bare Kiwi’s digital influence. Whether it’s in the form of behind the scenes stories from the shoot or the sharing of the content on Bare Kiwi’s channels this is what sets Bare Kiwi apart from other production companies.

Digital Influencer

Over the last ten years the prolific growth of social media enabled Bare Kiwi to gain a loyal audience that followed their travels. Bare Kiwi is a renowned digital influencer, in demand both domestically and internationally, and has partnered with a prolific number of destinations. Bare Kiwi also works with brands to endorse products affiliated with adventure and travel.

The existing relationships Bare Kiwi has with GoPro, Ford Australia and New Zealand, Jayco New Zealand and Macpac allows their content to reach a wider audience, as Bare Kiwi’s content is often featured on these third-party channels.

Social Media Workshops

Bare Kiwi conducts bespoke Social Media Workshops for businesses. Kyle’s valuable knowledge of social media is gained from experience working as both an Influencer and in marketing roles.  A key focus of these workshops is teaching participants how to create and edit professional photos and videos using only their phone and free Apps.

GoPro Training Sessions

Kyle is officially part of GoPro Guru Training Program. He works closely with the global GoPro training team field testing products before they’re launched while also supplying product in use assets.

In November 2018 Kyle hosted the world's first GoPro Experience, running 21 free workshops around New Zealand where he raised stoked levels while teaching participants how to capture and edit content using a GoPro. Individuals or businesses can contract Kyle for GoPro training sessions, which also include tips for what settings to use and advice about accessories.

Guest Speaking

Kyle’s contagious energy and unwavering passion for everything he does makes him a captive and motivational guest speaker. He has been a guest speaker and MC at numerous events, including Visit California’s Influencer Masterclass session, the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce Aspire Conference and the Backpacker, Youth and Adventure Travel Association (BYATA) Conference.


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