Over the next 3 months we will spend a couple of weeks in each region photographing and filming the local attractions, characters, different activities, scenic awesomeness, basically what is that makes these places traveler magnets.

Basically our mission is to explore & film Aotearoa!!

To do this we have teamed up with Arrival Magazine and together we will attack the biggest road trip ever!
Everyday we will try to upload new photos and weekly videos onto both the Bare Kiwi and Arrival Magazine sites and social media networks.

The Great Kiwi Road Trip kicked off in Wellington then up the East Coast to the Coromandal, right to the the top then we will zigzag on our way back down before looping the South island.

Want to join the journey?
YES that’s right you can come join us! Have your time in front or behind the cameras pointing us in the right direction. If you know someone or something we need to film please drop us a line, we are looking for the local swimming holes and water holes (if you know what I mean)  hiking tracks, kiwiana and general awesomeness in your backyard!
If you have tourism business you want featured please drop me a line we would love to come play! We will also be making Bare Kiwi promotional videos and photoshoots along the way.

Basically we love our country and we love what we do just as much. Aotearoa is the best country in the world to travel and we will show the world this!

See you on the road,

Kyle te Kiwi Mulinder.